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Hip Pain

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Lower Back And Hip Pain
Written by Jim Lee   
Almost everyone suffers from back pain at some point in their life. It usually doesn’t last very long if you treat it properly. You will want to visit your doctor to find out what their treatment is because you will more than likely need to have a pain killer if you have pain in your back or hips.

Do you know what lower back and hip pain is?

Low back pain can cause you problems anywhere below the ribs and above your legs. Your lower back is located between the upper body and the lower body and is the connection between them. It will also bear most of your body weight. When you lift, reach or twist with your back you can very easily injure your back.

Causes of back pain:
  • One: When you overuse, strain or injure your back this is what causes lower back pain.
  • Two: Your age can be a cause of it too. As you get older you will start to lose strength in your bones and muscles and this can make the injury worse. In your body you have spongy discs that are between the bones of the spine which are called the vertebrae and they may suffer from wear and tear which means they will not provide enough cushion between the spine bones. One cause of back pain that some people deal with is called herniated disc which is when you have a disc in your back that bulges or breaks open and this can cause pressure on your nerves which will in turn cause you to have pain in the back.
  • Three: Arthritis is another reason that people all over the world have low back pain. It can also be caused by a broken vertebrae or what is known as a compression fracture that is caused because of bone loss also referred to as osteoporosis, illness, or maybe even a spine problem that you had when you were born.
Doctors can’t usually determine what are the real causes of back pains are. However, it can become chronic if you have been under stress or have been depressed.

Here are the symptoms of back pain:

Low back pain has been known to cause a range of symptoms in people everywhere. The symptoms will depend on what the cause of the back pain is. Here are some of the back pain symptoms.
  • There could be a dull, burning or sharp pain in your back.
  • You will be able to feel a single point that covers a broad area.
  • It will most times hit you suddenly or come on you slowly.
  • It will sometimes have muscle spasms or stiffness that will accompany it.
  • It can cause leg symptoms such as pain, numbness or tingling which will often go all the way down below your knee. You can have these types of symptoms on their own or they will go along with back pain. Usually when you have lower spine problems that put pressure on your nerves that go down your body to your legs it will cause the leg symptoms that you are feeling.
There are times that you can get a rare but very serious back problem that is known as cauda equine syndrome which will happen if your nerves that are at the end of your spinal cord are squeezed. You need to seek immediate emergency treatment when you experience weakness or numbness in both legs along with the loss of your bladder or any bowel control.

The kinds of back pain that you can have are as follows:
  • Acute: this is when the back pain lasts for less than three months. Most back pain that people feel is acute and will go away in four to six weeks with treatment at home.
  • Recurrent: you will experience this is you have acute symptoms that come back. At some point in your life you will have at least one episode of recurrent pain in your lower back.
  • Chronic: this is when the pain in your back lasts for longer than three months and your back is hurting you most of the time.
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