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Hip Pain

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What Are The Reasons For Hip Joint Pain?
Written by Patricia Conley   
Joint PainDo you have hip joint pain? Many people suffer with this on a daily basis. It can be very difficult to live with. When you have this type of pain you will feel it in your hip of course but you can also feel it in your groin and upper thigh area too. There are many reasons that people experience hip pain. It is important that the pain in hips can be diagnosed accurately so that you can receive the appropriate treatment. The reasons for joint pain can range from common injuries to degenerative diseases.

When you are experiencing pain from your hips, your doctor can figure out what the reason is for the pain. So you need to make sure that you see your doctor as soon as you can if you are experiencing pain in either one of your hips.

Here are the more major reasons for hip pain.
  • One: Osteonecrosis – This is when your blood flow to certain areas are restricted. When your bones and especially your hip bones, don’t receive enough blood flow, your cells will die and the bone will collapse. The hip joint is the most common place for oseonecrosis to happen, which it why it is one of the most common reasons for hip pain.
  • Two: Trochanteric bursitis – This is a condition that is also known as hip bursitis and it is seen more often in athletes. The bursa sac in your hip will become inflamed which is usually caused by running and this will cause you pain in your hips.
  • Three: Osteoarthritis – This is another of the more common reasons for hip pain which is caused by arthritis. With this degenerative disease is caused by wear and tear and this will waste away the cartilage of the joint. This usually happens with people who are over the age of 50. Sometimes the pain will be so intense that the person who has osteoarthritis will end up walking with a limp. Sometimes conservative (non-surgical) methods of treatment won’t work then hip replacement surgery will be discussed with you by the surgeon.
  • Four: Hip fracture – In elderly people the most common reason for hip pain is hip fractures that will usually result in a fall. This will cause a broken hip which will cause surgery to repair the broken bones with metal screws or plates or sometimes the broken bone will have to be replaced altogether. Fractures in the hip can be very debilitating. There are less than 50% of the people that suffer with hip fractures will ever return to any high level activities.
The treatment for hip pain will vary depending on the condition of each individual person. With most hip pain it can be treated with conservative methods. Many doctors will prescribe anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the swelling and to help get rid of your pain. Then there are other doctors that will suggest hip joint injections to help numb the pain.

You want to talk to your doctor about all of the reasons for hip pain. It is possible that your hip pain can be treated with enough rest and relaxation. The doctor will go over all of your options with you to help you decide what the best course of action will be for your hip problem.

When you have hip joint pain the best thing that you can do is to not ignore it and get help for it. You don’t want to wait until you have to have hip replacement or hip resurfacing. No matter what your hip pain means for you and the treatment that you have to have to take care of it, you want to make sure that you follow whatever instructions the doctor gives you because this is so very important to your health.
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